Overview of the kristallnacht essay

Thalmann, Rita and Emmanuel Feinermann. According to Goebbels himself in his diary, he and Hitler spoke quietly together and they agreed to do nothing to stop any future activity along the same lines.

He died two weeks later. It decreases the accuracy because it implies it might have been the people but it is unreliable so in that sense, it does not.


German life and property was not to be endangered. Grynszpan's timing for the shooting could hardly have been worse. This makes it seem like the Nazi party was trying to cover up something — maybe they did plan it after all.

Kristallnacht Essay

Insurance was an international business and insurance companies were worried about their loss of reputation if they did not keep their contracts to indemnify the losses. However, some things can be safely asserted.

Kristallnacht – a summary

The synagogues burn in all the big cities. He was interned for a time in Sachsenhausen, but his final whereabouts and ultimate fate remain unknown.

Why did kristallnacht take place? Essay

The Historical Background Kristallnacht was a nationwide, state-sponsored pogrom a spree of violence directed against Jews conducted throughout Germany and Austria which had been annexed by Germany in March from the evening and night of November 9 through the following afternoon.

Hundreds of synagogues were systematically burned while local fire departments simply prevented the fires from spreading to other buildings. Nothing more can be done against it for the night. Also the fire brigade was confined to adjoining buildings and no attempts were made to put out the other fires.

There was no mention of German citizens being destructive. Buffman made in Source C concerning the action taken by the German population: It also says that most German people have nothing to do with the destruction.

A women, representative of all German people, is sitting and tied up in ropes. With the lone exception of the Dominican Republic, no country made a concrete offer to accept Jewish refugees. In one night of terror, November, German mobs destroyed many vestiges of Jewish presence.

The purpose of sources C, D and E is a united one; a need to convey the horrific events, and the truth behind the smoke-screen of newspaper headlines: The SA Stormtroopers was to participate and incite the outrage of the crowds and regular policemen and firemen were ordered to stand down unless German property or life was at issue.

Source G shows this by a Nazi figure in front of a backdrop of material destruction. In Germany, Austria and the Czech Sudetenland, Storm Troopers and members of the Hitler Youth took to the streets on the night of November, determined to unleash violence. It is also a summary written by another historian, who, in his summary might have missed some important points out, which might be useful to us.

SS Leader Reinhard Heydrich reported that 7, businesses were destroyed along with synagogues that were burned one hundred and seventy seven of which were completely and utterly destroyed and ninety-one Jewish men and women were killed.

But as far as Hitler goes source I does agree with source H.

Kristallnacht & Kicking the Jews Out

It does not say if it was organised or started spontaneously — it could have been planned by the people without the Nazis knowing. This source is largely reliable because the civil servant who wrote it works for the government so he would know what was going on and was sent after the 12th November so he would know what had happened.

The pogrom took place after five years of increasing assaults on Jewish property, citizenship rights, and their physical persons by the Nazis in order to segregate German Jews from the general public and encourage their emigration.More Essay Examples on History Rubric.

Goebbles who at the time was out of favour with Hitler was trying to win back his approval. The journalist worked with the Nazis so his article could not be reliable. Source B is a secret report from one nazi to another after the kristallnacht events.

Kristallnacht Essay The Night of Shimmering Glass Kristallnacht, “ Night of Crystal,” was a turning point between Germany and the rest of the world.

On November 9th,an uprising against the Jewish residents of Germany and Austria occurred.


Essay Kristallnacht- Night of Broken Glass - Kristallnacht- Night of Broken Glass “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” said by the enlightened Dalai Lama.

The Jews, innocent and sympathetic, were treated like trash during Kristallnacht. Kristallnacht or The Night of Broken Glass was an attack on the Jewish people throughout the German Reich on the night of November 9 th and into the next day.

This orchestrated event took place after a Jewish boy Herschel Grynszpan just seventeen years old at the time living in Paris shot and killed a German Embassy staff member.

Kristallnacht was a savage night where hundreds where murdered. In addition, Kristallnacht means the night of broken glass in German, and The Night of Broken Glass occurred on the night of November 9th until November 10th.

kristallnacht Order Description essay question: What was the relationship between popular anti-Semitic action and Nazi policy around the time of the Kristallnacht?

Discuss with particular reference to Samuel Honaker’s despatches and the transcript of the discussion of the aftermath of the Kristallnacht that Herman Goering chaired on 12 .

Overview of the kristallnacht essay
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