Normal and abnormal behavior essay

How could Jamie shift her thinking from a negative perspective to a more hopeful perspective? Since the ideal is difficult to achieve, most people are seen as being poorly adjusted at least part of the time.

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On a daily basis he fears what the day might bring. Several psychological theories describe an ideally well-adjusted personality, any deviation from which is interpreted as abnormal to a greater or lesser degree.

Pentecostal church and traditional worshipers in these places often hold that gay people are possessed by evil spirits and that need to be cast out or that they have curses operating in their lives.

A second factor influencing the treatment of abnormal behavior, or at least the objective of such treatment, is the criterion by which it is identified. According to sociological theory, mental disorder is a myth because it is only a label given to people whose behavior differs from what is accepted in society.

If, on the other hand, they are distressed over their thoughts or behavior-then they require treatment.

Abnormal Behavior Essays (Examples)

The subject of disruptive behavior is a vast topic and cannot be done justice to here but I will point out a few important aspects that should be kept in mind. There are many issues that are not resolved within their personality. In the physiological or biological model, abnormal behavior is linked to a disease.

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According to Sigmund Freud,human beings are just mechanical creatures, whom he views as prisoners of primitive instincts and powers, which we can barely control.

And once again I pose the question who sets the standards? Much professional dispute surrounds the definition of abnormal behavior, it should be kept in Normal and abnormal behavior essay that most societies identify the same categories of behavior as indicative of mental disorder.

Normalcy is ever changing. Who is to say, what is normal and what is not normal? In a small, traditional community, where deviant persons can be looked after, they may remain at home, and their odd ways will be seen as a problem for the family rather than for the society.

More specifically, the American Psychiatric Association APA has adopted a set of criteria used to determine whether or not any given behavior or pattern of behaviors should be considered clinically significant or abnormal.

When we ask a society how they define abnormal behavior, we are asking first, where does that society draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior and, secondly, which unacceptable behaviors the society views as evidence of "abnormal" rather than simply, undesirable.

Is it normal for a people to speak to one another when they have made eye contact? In this light it is up to normal people around to make a balanced judgment and avert disaster. Furthermore, it is important to state that the general medical condition of the patient is can be related to the mental disorder.

It takes a detailed process but in the end the physician is able to identify the problem. Examples are a man who attempts suicide, an alcoholic who drinks so heavily that he or she cannot keep a job or a paranoid individual who tries to assasinate national leaders. Lundbeck Institute Related posts: By extension, abnormal behavior violates social norms.

It is a known fact that people differ in the ways they respond to stress. Much professional dispute surrounds the definition of abnormal behavior, it should be kept in mind that most societies identify the same categories of behavior as indicative of mental disorder.

The questions raised by these different criteria for defining abnormality can be summarized as one question: With a divorce rate at 50 percent, over one-third of all children will live, at some point, in a single-parent family. When this happens, the primary diagnosis is stated and the subsequent ones.

Normal vs. Abnormal Behavior

All these go a long way in determining their behavior and when these assumptions are negative and unhealthy, they manifest in abnormal behavior.

Newer medications with fewer side effects are developed and marketed every day. I would reassure her first that for everything she is taking on her feelings are normal.

Who differentiate between the two? Is it normal for a two-year-old child to talk back to his or her parents? Personal distress; the fourth criterium considers abnormality in terms of the individual's subjective feelings, personal distress, rather than his behavior.

When it comes to help from our school I know that our university offers prayer assitance and I have at times even reached out to find groups of people thay may experience what I am and read teh biographys of students in my class and message people with similar backgrounds as myself.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Coursework work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. When such distressing feelings, however, persist for an extended period of time and seem to be unrelated to events surrounding the person, they would be considered abnormal and could suggest a psychological disorder.

How might you as his friend help Tim stay focused and on track with his schoolwork? At this point it is important to point out that normality is culturally defined.

Sigmund Freud 7. One is that the behavior occurs infrequently and thus deviates from statistical norms. Many psychological professionals today feel that whatever its ultimate cause-if indeed ultimate causes can be found-abnormal behavior involves important psychological and biological components.

· Abnormal behavior - patterns of emotion, thought, and action considered. pathological (diseased or disordered) for one or more of the reasons. 1. Statistical infrequency.

ON way to judge whether a person's behavior is. abnormal is to compare the frequency of his or her behavior to that of others You learned that defining abnormal behavior is just as subjective as defining normal behavior.

Abnormal Behavior Essays (Examples)

Throughout history, the definition of abnormal behavior has been influenced by religion, politics, economics, social constructs, and Abnormal psychology is the study of: A) how abnormal behavior can be defined, classified, explained, and treated B) the abnormalities that exist within social and political organizations.

C) the variations in normal thought content, behaviors, and Essay about The Abnormal Behavior of Genocide - The recently coined definition of genocide among scholars and international organizations varies throughout history; however, there is the common understanding that genocide is the intentional destruction of a large group of people who are often associated with a specific origin or denomination.

Abnormal Behavior essaysAbnormal behavior- This type of behavior can be described as unusual, nonadaptive, labeled as abnormal by society or characterized by cognitive distortion. There are several perceived explanations of such behavior discussed in the chapter.

The demonological explanations be Continue reading this essay Continue Abnormal Behavior Essay - Part 2. Introduction. Abnormal behavior is an interesting subject - Abnormal Behavior Essay introduction. It is interesting because behavior that is considered normal or abnormal is defined by the culture of a particular place.

Normal and abnormal behavior essay
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