Important facts about a plant

The Cycadophyta has about species, which are known commonly as cycads. Eating lots of onions will make you sleepy, as it acts as a sedative! Bryophytes do not have true leaves, stems, or roots, and they lack a vascular system for transporting food and water.

The first potatoes were cultivated in Peru about 7, years ago! Touching poison ivy will cause an allergic reaction, usually in the form of an itchy rash on the skin. The Pando tree, an aspen in southern Utah with over 40, genetically identical trunks and a shared root system, covers an area of acres, weighs almost tons, and is thought to be 80, years old, having survived multiple ice ages and fires.

North America About the Fungus: More tree facts for kids.

50 Interesting Facts about Plant

The leaves have stomata, microscopic pores which open in response to certain environmental cues for uptake of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen during photosyn-thesis. Not the tallest nor the broadest tree in the world, but the biggest living single tree in volume, the General Sherman tree is a giant sequoia feet tall almost the length of a football field.

Plant Facts For Kids | Mind-boggling Facts About Green Plants

Lycopods are most abundant in the tropics, although numerous species of Lycopodium ground pine grow in woodlands in the temperate zone. During the s, tulips were so valuable in Holland that their bulbs were worth more than gold. Australia About the Plant: Some Nepenthes have evolved into toilet bowls for tree shrews, providing a shrew-sized perch and sweet exudate to attract shrews while they do their business.

Fun Plant Facts

How small are they? Watermelon radishes are edible globular roots attached to thin stems and wavy green leaves. Bolivia and Argentina About the Plant: In addition, 4 out of 5 people around the globe at the moment rely on plants for primary healthcare.

50 Interesting Facts about Plant

Observing the grazing activity of animals in the area, he noticed that the giraffes, who were free to roam and pick the trees they ate, ate only certain acacia trees, about one out of ten, and avoided acacia trees that were downwind of others. Caffeine serves the function of a pesticide in a coffee plant!

The trees tend to bunch together, because the shade collects what slight dampness there is on Socotra which gets 10 inches of rain a year and helps seedlings grow. Well just look at it. Their flowers are huge and beautiful, and can only be seen at night.

All teas black, green and white come from the same plant, camellia sinensis. During the s, tulips were so valuable in Holland that their bulbs were worth more than gold.

The Importance of Plants to Life on Earth

Nearly all of the plant foods of humans and many drugs and other economically important products come from angiosperms.Fun Plant Facts (really, they are fun, I promise) Here are some interesting and funny facts I found about different plants.

If you want a little light reading, continue on. Mycorrhizae are symbioses between fungi and most plant roots and are important for water and mineral uptake in most plants. The fungal partner benefits by receiving carbohydrates from the plant, which benefits by being better able to absorb minerals and water from the soil.

These facts about plants demonstrate to us that our world is not just about the omnipresence of various flora and fauna but it’s also about the unique and sometimes startling qualities in the species of plants and animals that are present all around us.

There is a plant called Hemlock Water. Posted in Plants | Tags: types of plants, plants, All About Plants, all about plants for kids, plant, facts about plants, plant facts, all about plants video, all about plants website, plant kingdom, aquatic plants, terrestrial plants, aerial plants.

Aug 06,  · Interesting facts. That last one is now a very big invasive weed problem in the north of Australia through forests and farm land areas. Fortunately it doesn't do to well in the south of the country but is still being sold as an exotic plant.

The Angiospermophyta is the largest and most important plant phylum, with at leastspecies. All species reproduce by making flowers, which develop into fruits with seeds upon fertilization. The flower originated about million years ago, as a structure adapted to protect the ovules (immature seeds), which are born naked and.

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Important facts about a plant
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